I heart Saturdays

This has been the longest day ever! We were up way too early for a Saturday, but got a lot accomplished as a result. The good: out for a yummy breakfast, bought a new treadmill (yayyy!) , went to a movie, got my car inspected and an oil change. The bad: my poor little car failed the inspection. They said it’s going to be around $900 to fix.. but we’re going to check a few places on Monday to see if we can find the parts any cheaper. Until then, I have a bright orange rejection sticker on it 😦 Oh well, this is the last time I’m going to put money into it.. I’ll be happy if it lasts me another year! Then it will be time for a new one.

Being a brand new blogger, I completely forgot to take my camera to breakfast this morning! And at home I realized I was taking pictures without my memory card in the camera. Wouldn’t be so bad except I lost the USB cable to it during the last move and only have a memory card reader. Duh. So I managed to get two pathetic shots of my afternoon snacks.

Kiwi and strawberries


A Glo bar sample that I stashed in my purse for a movie snack (My favorite kind so far.. so good!)


Tomorrow my camera skills will be better, I promise haha 🙂

Our new treadmill wasn’t in stock so it’s being delivered to the store on Thursday and we can pick it up then! I’m super excited about being able to just walk downstairs for a workout. My gym membership runs our next month and lately it seems like the only thing I do there is use the treadmill, so I don’t think I’ll renew it right away. I do like to go to the occasional class though, so we’ll see if I miss it or not.

The weather here has been rainy and foggy all day, so depressing! I think it’s a good night to curl up on the couch with a book. I’m such a party animal! I’ll leave you with a picture of our dog, Brooklyn. She’s a 2 year old husky-shepherd mix, and still very much a hyper puppy. She’s also the devil, but I love her 🙂


Have a great night!


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