5k ready in 2 months?

Good evening! What a gorgeous Sunday it was- so nice to finally see some sun! I stared my day off with a green monster 🙂 I never measure what goes in, but it contained:

1 Small banana
Some local strawberries
Few ice cubes
Spinach (couple big handfuls?)
1/2 cup President’s Choice 100% juice puree in pineapple, guava, passion fruit


This stuff is really good! I find it too strong on its own, but perfect in smoothies. There’s no crazy ingredients in it either. I haaate any kind of milk (except a little bit in cereal sometimes, weird..) so I’m glad I found this juice to throw in there. All in a green cup 🙂


I did some much needed laundry this morning and then pretty much just bummed around catching up on blogs/facebook. Before I knew it I was hungry for lunch. Just a grocery store garden salad (with too much cheese, blechh) and a scoop of hummus. A gala apple on the side.


Dean and I took the dog to a beach not far from our house. Turns out dogs aren’t allowed on this particular beach, but there ended up being a few trails around there so we went for a walk on those. We came across an empty baseball field so we let Brooklyn run and run. Haha she was so tired by the end of it.. and so well behaved all afternoon, it was nice! I had an unpictured peanut butter glo bar when we got home- yummyy!

Went to my parents house for a bit, then stopped and picked up Chinese food for Dean on the way home. I got Subway for myself- did I mention yet that I’m addicted to Subway? I think I could eat it every single day and not get sick of it.. I got a footlong veggie on honey oat with mustard and everything except olives! And half of a double chocolate cookie.. I couldn’t resist, they were freshly baked and smelled so good. So good, yet so bad hahah I do not regret it though.


Didn’t get in as much exercise this weekend as I would have liked, but it was very relaxing and I’m feeling 100% better. I was sick with a cold all last week, and it made working so annoying. I hate having the sniffles all day. So I’m glad I’m feeling better to start this week. Back to work tomorrow 😦

Dean and I are going to sign up for a race! I always hear about the Tim Horton’s Marathon By The Sea but I didn’t realize there were also 5k and 10k races too.

I have never done a race before, and am a very new runner so I’m going to sign up for the 5k. It’s September 27th, so I’m pretty confident I’ll be ready by then. I can’t wait until our treadmill comes in on Thursday, it will be so convenient!

I’m off to watch Big Brother before bed 🙂 Anybody else watch? Any early favorites? I’m not sure who I like yet, but it’s definitely not Ronnie!


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